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Winterhalter Queen Victoria

Francois Forster after Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, Dedicated by Permission to His Royal Highness Prince Albert KG &c by his faithful and devoted servant F. G. Moon

A large-scale steel plate engraving by Forster after the painting by Winterhalter; published in London by F. C. Moon in Threadneedle Street, 1847.

This striking portrait of the young Queen Victoria was produced ten years after she ascended the throne. She is pictured facing forward, to the left holding a sprig of roses and set against a Highland backdrop, thus referencing both her English and Scottish allegiance. The choice of Franz Winterhalter as artist pays homage to both her German ancestry and the nationality of her beloved Prince Albert. Winterhalter was one of the most talented and successful portrait painters of his generation and became a favourite at the British Court. Francois Forster was a French engraver working in Paris and he completed this important commission in 1846, a year before the print was published.

Copies of this important print were widely distributed at the time and are to be found in most of the important collections dating from this period.

The print is in mint condition and is offered in an exceptional, ornate frame that befits the majesty of the sitter.



Winterhalter Queen Victoria

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