Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Houston Queen Charlotte

Richard Houston after Johann Zoffany.

Charlotte Queen of Great Britain. Done from the original picture in the Possession of his Majesty. published as the Act directs 20th May 1772 by Robert Sayer, No. 53, Fleet Street, London.

16½ x 22".

Houston was born in Dublin around the year 1722 and was one of the eminent mezzotint engravers who travelled to London in the middle of the eighteenth century when business in the capital was booming. He was a contemporary of the other great Irish engraver, James McArdell, and in many ways was considered to exhibit greater potential. Sadly he was slightly indolent by nature and his dissipated conduct hindered his career to the extent that he became reliant upon the print sellers of London for business and direction. He worked particularly for the publishers Bowles and Sayer who both exploited his talent until his death in 1775. Houston was, undoubtedly, one of the most talented of the engravers working in mezzotint during the eighteenth century and his legacy is undisputed. His portraits in particular exhibit great sensitivity and demonstrate the extraordinary scope of the mezzotint. The fact that he was chosen to engrave such a prestigious portrait as this one of the queen testifies to his abilities.


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