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Dayes George III Procession

James Neagle after Edward Dayes.

[St. George's Day Procession]
To the Queen's most excellent majesty, This Plate of the Royal Procession in St. Paul's on St. George's Day 1789, the day appointed for a General Thanksgiving for the King's happy recovery is with Her permission humbly inscribed by Her majesty's most dutiful and obedient servant Benjamin Beale Evans.

27 x 18.5 inches

A large scale etching by Neagle after Dayes; published in London in 1795.

This magnificent ceremonial print encapsulates all the fervour and excitement of a royal celebration in the vast surroundings of St. Paul's Cathedral. It marks the occasion when George III returned to good health after a spell of illness and is particularly poignant when juxtaposed with the plight of Louis XIV of France who was facing revolution and regicide across the channel. Huge banks of tiered seating have been installed inside the cathedral to accommodate the vast crowds and at the centre of the whole scene we see the king himself accompanied by the clergy, preceded by the royal princes and closely followed by his dedicated consort, Queen Charlotte, to whom this print is dedicated. It is a fabulous representation of the stability and strength of the English monarchy and a robust retort to the insurgents of Revolutionary France.



Dayes George III Procession

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