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Chris Levine: Lightness of Being

Chris Levine

Lightness of Being (2007)

A lenticular 3D print from an edition of 200

This coloured image of the Queen was produced at the same time as the much celebrated Equanimity image, commissioned by the Island of Jersey in 2004 to commemorate the island’s 800 year allegiance to the crown. It was recorded in the Yellow Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace during the moments when the Queen rested between shots and briefly closed her eyes.  The resulting portrait appears to capture the monarch poised between her public and personal duties and has fast become one of the most intriguing and iconic images of her reign. It has been selected by The National Portrait Gallery to represent the Queen’s image in the C21st and adorns the back cover of their commemorative catalogue.

18.75 x 26.5 inches


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