Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Ward Hoppner Heathcote

James Ward after John Hoppner.

Lady Heathcote.

17 x 26 inches

Lady Heathcote (1769-1856) is depicted as the classical character Hebe, tiptoeing upon the clouds of Olympus and almost overwhelmed by her diaphanous gown. As Hebe (the Greek goddess of Youth) she possessed the ability to restore youth and vitality to mere mortals so just imagine what a hit she would have been in the Instagram age! As the daughter of Zeus and Hera she had immense prestige so it is little wonder that the newly married Sophia Heathcote should choose this guise for her full-length portrait with the society painter John Hoppner. She is seen pouring nectar and ambrosia from her phial into a small cup which she will offer to the eagle (possibly her father) and thereby expunge the ill effects of immorality and age.

Sophia Heathcote followed a well established path for aristocratic girls of her age but the longevity of her life (87 years) means she spanned a fascinating time in our history the American War of Independence to the Crimean War and the acceleration of the Industrial Revolution!


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