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Frye Gentleman

Thomas Frye

[Gentleman with Cape]

A half-length mezzotint portrait by Thomas Frye; published in Hatton Garden, London in 1760.


Redington Theatre

John Redington

Actors in Classical Character.

Twelve copper plate engravings with vivid original hand colour published by John Redington at his Theatrical Print Warehouse in Hoxton Old Town, London, in 1852.

Group of 12
Frye Man Turban

Thomas Frye

[Man wearing Turban with Book]

Mezzotint portrait by Thomas Frye published in London, 1760.


Eddie Gentleman

Gauci after Eddie.

[A Victorian gentleman.]

English lithograph in imitation of a pencil sketch, published c.1840.


Reynolds Little Russian

Johann Friedrich Bause after Sir Joshua Reynolds

[La petite Rusée - The Little Russian.]

A stipple plate engraving, proof before title, published by William Dickinson in London in 1785.


Downman Lady

John Downman (after)

Portrait of a Lady

A colour printed stipple plate engraving after the painting by the famous Welsh portrait painter, John Downman; published in London circa 1890.



Earlom Rubens Wife

Richard EARLOM after Peter Paul Rubens

[Rubens' Wife.]

A full length mezzotint portrait, a scratch letter proof before title, engraved by Richard Earlom after the portrait by Rubens and published in London in 1782.


Mortimer: Shakespearean Characters

John Mortimer

Falstaff [&] Bardolph

A pair of copper plate etchings published by J. Mortimer in London in 1775 and 1776.

Fry: Girl with Pearls

Thomas FRYE

Portrait of a Lady Elegantly Attired

Mezzotint portrait by Thomas Frye, published London, circa 1761.

13¾ x 19¾ inches.Framed.

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Dixon Rembrandt Framemaker

John Dixon after Rembrandt.

Rembrandt's Frame Maker.

A half-length mezzotint portrait done from the original painting in the collection of the Duke of Ancaster. Engraved on copperplate by Dixon after Rembrandt and published in London in 1769.

Pether Rembrandt Jew

William Pether after Rembrandt

Jew, Rabbi

A half-length portrait of a Jewish Rabbi engraved by William Pether after the painting by Rembrandt; published in London by Boydell in 1764.

Pether Rembrandt Rabbi

William Pether after Rembrandt

Jewish Rabbi

A nearly whole-length portrait of a Jewish Rabbi seated and facing to the right. Engraved by William Pether after the painting by Rembrandt and published in London in 1775.


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