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Carington Bowles Calash

Carington Bowles

Miss Calash in Contemplation
This Lady reads, then tripping thro' the grove, Turns all her thoughts to rural bliss and love

A mezzotint droll in original hand colour; published by Carington Bowles in London 1780.


Green Opie School

Valentine Green after John Opie

A School

A large-scale mezzotint engraving by Green after Opie; published in London in 1785.


Hogarth Cockpit

William Hogarth

The Cock Pit ~ Pit Ticket

Black and white etching and engraving on copper plate, designed and engraved by William Hogarth and published in London in 1759.


Bowles St. James's

Bowles and Carver

The Royal Palace of St. James's next the Park

A copper plate engraving with vibrant, original watercolour; published by Bowles and Carver in London circa 1800.


Bowles Thames

Bowles and Carver

A view of the Tower, with the Bridge & part of the City of London from the River Thames

A copper plate engraving in strong, original watercolour; published in London by Bowles and Carver circa 1800.


Burnett Waterloo

John Burnet after Atkinson and Devis

To his Royal Highness The Prince Regent, This plate of the Battle of Waterloo on 18th June 1815 is with his gracious permission dedicated by His Royal Highness's most obedient and devoted humble servants, Hurst Robinson and Co.

Scarce etching on copper plate; drawn and engraved by Burnet after the painting by Atkinson and Devis. Published in London in 1819.


Sluyter Waterloo

D. Sluyter after J. Kamphuyzen

H.D.H. Jorst Blucher van Walstadt en Lord Wellington
Prins van Waterloo

A colour-printed stipple engraving by Sluyter after Kamphuyzen; published in Amsterdam circa 1815.


Dixon Reynolds Blake

John Dixon after Sir Joshua Reynolds

Mrs Blake as Juno

A full-length mezzotint portrait by Dixon after Reynolds; published in London in 1771.


Grozer Cardigan

Joseph Grozer after Sir George Romney

The Right Hon.ble James Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan & & & Constable Governor of Windsor Castle & Keeper of the Privy Purse to the King

A very fine, half-length mezzotint portrait by Grozer after Romney; published in London 1792.


Housman Nancy Parsons

R. Housman after R. Renold

Miss Nancy Parsons

A full-length mezzotint portrait by 'Housman' after 'Renold'; published in London circa 1770.


Smith Kneller Howard

John Smith after Sir Godfrey Kneller

The Hon.ble Lady Howard

A full-length mezzotint portrait by Smith after Kneller; published in London in 1697.


Smith Kneller Sherard

John Smith after Sir Godfrey Kneller

The Hon.ble Mrs Sherard

A three-quarter length mezzotint portrait by Smith after Kneller; published in London in 1699.


Burford Seymour Hunting

Thomas Burford after James Seymour

Fox Hunting
Standing Leap at a Gate [&] Leap at a Gate

A pair of mezzotint engravings by Burford after the paintings by Seymour; published in London circa 1750.

Harris Alken Hunting

John Harris after Henry Alken

The Right and the Wrong Sort or a Good and Bad Style of Going Across Country

A set of six aquatints in original colour by Harris after Alken; published in London in 1859.


Reynolds Asterix Omnishambles

John Patrick Reynolds


A screen Print reworked from the series of Asterix comic books; printed on hand made Somerset paper and issued in a limited edition. Published in London 2018.


Comic Art Asterix

John Patrick Reynolds

[Asterix the Gaul.]

A screen print on hand made Somerset paper and issued in a limited edition, with the artist's initials and dated 2018 in pencil, artist's blindstamp.


Scotson Clark Music Hall

G. F. Scotson-Clark

The Halls.

A group of 12 charming chromolithographs by G. Scotson-Clark; published in London by Fisher Unwin circa 1900.

Group of 12
Bowles Eyebright

John Bowles

Miss Eyebright.

A charming, small scale mezzotint published in London for John Bowles circa 1770.


McArdell van Dyke Buckingham Lenox

James McArdell after van Dyck

George Duke of Buckingham with his Brother Francis. [&] Lord John and Lord Bernard Stuart, Sons of Esme, Duke of Lenox.

A pair of magnificent full-length black and white mezzotint portraits, published in London in 1752.

Redington Theatre

John Redington

Actors in Classical Character.

Twelve copper plate engravings with vivid original hand colour published by John Redington at his Theatrical Print Warehouse in Hoxton Old Town, London, in 1852.

Group of 12
Reynolds Lady Manners

Charles Knight after Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Right Hon.ble Lady Louisa Manners.

A full-length stipple plate engraving by Charles Knight after the portrait by Joshua Reynolds; published in London in 1806.


Smith Wortley Montagu

J. R. Smith after The Rev. Peters

Edm.d Wortley Montagu Esq.

A three-quarter length mezzotint portrait engraved by John Raphael Smith after the painting by the Reverend Matthew William Peters; published in London in 1776.

Bateman Dentist

H. M. Bateman


Half-tone, published in London in 1931.


Lawson Wood Clairvoyant

Lawson Wood

CLAIRVOYANT - Your curious experience is certainly unusual. We agree; say nothing to your wife, she might be upset.

Chromolithographed plate published in London circa 1930.


Crombie Cricket

Charles Crombie

The Laws of Cricket.

Twelve chromolithographs drawn by Charles Crombie and published in London by Perrier in 1905.

Group of 12
Nicholson Sporting Almanac

William Nicholson

November, A Sporting Almanac.

A set of 12 lithographs printed in original colour and published in London in 1898.

Set of 12
West Giles Sheep

J. West Giles after T. S. Cooper

Our Flocks No. 2 Highland Sheep

A large-scale lithograph with original hand colour; drawn on stone by John West Giles after the painting by T. S. Cooper; published in London in 1851.

Fairburn Courtship

H. C. Minories after John Fairburn


A charming lithograph with original hand colour. Lithographed by Minories after Fairburn and published in London circa 1840.


Fairburn Marriage

H. C. Minories after John Fairburn


A charming albeit portentous scene with original hand colour; lithographed by Minories after Fairburn and published in London in 1838.


Landseer Law Dogs

Thomas Landseer after Sir Edwin Landseer

To the Right Honourable John Singleton Copley, Lord Lyndhurst, Lord High Chancellor of England, this engraving of Laying Down the Law, is by special desire dedicated to His Lordship by his obedient humble servant Thomas McLean.

Large-scale etching by Thomas Landseer after the painting by his elder brother, Sir Edwin Landseer; published in London in 1843.



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