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Prints, watercolours and ephemera relating to European Royalty

Dayes George III Procession

James Neagle after Edward Dayes.

[St. George's Day Procession]
To the Queen's most excellent majesty, This Plate of the Royal Procession in St. Paul's on St. George's Day 1789, the day appointed for a General Thanksgiving for the King's happy recovery is with Her permission humbly inscribed by Her majesty's most dutiful and obedient servant Benjamin Beale Evans.

A large scale etching by Neagle after Dayes; published in London in 1795.


Queen Victoria

Signed photograph

Queen Victoria

Studio photograph of the elderly queen in her Diamond Jubilee year of 1897. Signed and dated "Victoria RI 1897"


Strange Van Dyck Charles I

Sir Robert Strange after van Dyck.

Charles 1st King of Great Britain &c.

A copper plate engraving of King Charles I, engraved by Robert Strange after the portrait by van Dyck and published in London in 1770.


Smith Highmore Cumberland

John Smith after Joseph Highmore

His Royal Highness William Augustus Duke of Cumberland, Knight of the most Hon.ble order of the Bath &c

A half-length mezzotint portrait, engraved by John Smith after Joseph Highmore and published in London in 1729.


Smith van Dyke James I

John Smith after Anthony van Dyke

Jacobus I D. G. Mag. Brit. Fra. Et Hib. Rex

A half-length mezzotint portrait of King James I set within an oval frame; engraved by John Smith after the painting by van Dyke and published in London in 1721.


Belch William IV Queen Adelaide

W. Belch

The King and Queen's first entry into Brighton through the Royal Arch. August 30, 1830.

A charming, albeit crude, hand coloured etching published by W. Belch in London in 1830.


Winterhalter Queen Victoria

Francois Forster after Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, Dedicated by Permission to His Royal Highness Prince Albert KG &c by his faithful and devoted servant F. G. Moon

A large-scale steel plate engraving by Forster after the painting by Winterhalter; published in London by F. C. Moon in Threadneedle Street, 1847.


Bromley Duke of York

John Bromley after R. Bowyer

His Royal Highness Frederick, Duke of York

Half-length mezzotint portrait by Bromley after Bowyer; published in London in 1828.


Hilliard Queen Elizabeth

E. Cooper and Francis Kyte after Nicholas Hilliard

Queen Elizabeth
Born at Greenwich Sep 7 153. Crownd Nov the 17 1558. Died March the 24 1602/3 Aged 70 F. Kyte Fecit

An oval, half-length, mezzotint portrait of Queen Elizabeth I engraved by Francis Kyte after the earlier engraving by Cooper and after the portrait by the court painter Francis Hilliard; published in London circa 1730.



Smith Beechey George III

Benjamin SMITH after Sir William Beechey

His Most Gracious Majesty King George the Third

A stipple plate engraving by Benjamin Smith after the portrait by Sir William Beechey published by J. and J. Boydell in London, 1st December 1804.


Laurie Princes George Frederick

Robert Laurie

Princes George and Frederick

Mezzotint, proof before letters, inscription area still with traces of mezzotint, engraved by Robert Laurie after his own design; published in London in 1772.


Coombs Lawrence William IV

Joseph Coombs after Sir Thomas Lawrence

His Majesty King William the Fourth

A full-length mezzotint portrait of William IV; engraved by Coombs after the portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence and published in London in 1834.


Bennet Beechey George IV

Samuel Bennet after William Beechey

His Royal Highness, George, Prince of Wales

A three-quarter length portrait of the Prince of Wales by Samuel Bennet after the painting by Sir William Beechey; published in London by S. Bennet in 1805.


Frye Charlotte

Thomas FRYE

Her Most Excellent Majesty Charlotte, Queen of Great Britain

This portrait of Queen Charlotte was taken in 1762, only two years into the new king's reign and is one of Frye's most accomplished studies. It depicts the new queen in all her finery and bedecked with jewels.


Gainsborough Queen Charlotte

Gainsborough Dupont after Sir Thomas Gainsborough

Charlotte, Queen of Great Britain &c &c &c

A full length mezzotint portrait of Queen Charlotte by Gainsborough Dupont after the painting of his uncle Sir Thomas Gainsborough; published in London in 1790.


McArdell Queen Charlotte


Charlotte Queen of Great Britain

Second state of this plate, engraved and drawn by James McArdell. Done & Published as the Act directs, Novr. 25th 1761, by Js. McArdell.


Meyer George III

Charles SPOONER after Jeremiah Meyer.

George the Third, King of Great Britain, &c. &c. &c.

Half-length mezzotint portrait facing left.


Thielley: Victoria & Albert

THIELLEY after E. Charpentier

La Reine Victoria Le Prince Albert
The Queen Victoria Prince Albert

A lithograph partly partially printed in pale sepia ink and published in both Paris and London in 1848. Framed size: 22 x 19 ½ inches


Spilsbury: George III and Queen Charlotte


His Most Sacred Majesty George III, King of Great Britain &c
Her Most Excellent Majesty CHARLOTTE Queen of Great Britain &c

A pair of mezzotint portraits by Jonathan Spilsbury published in Covent Garden, London in March 1764.
Each 14 x 20".


Houston Queen Charlotte

Richard Houston after Johann Zoffany.

Charlotte Queen of Great Britain. Done from the original picture in the Possession of his Majesty. published as the Act directs 20th May 1772 by Robert Sayer, No. 53, Fleet Street, London.

A mezzotint engraving by Houston taken from Zoffany's iconic portrait of the queen, painted in 1771 and engraved in 1772.


Earlom: Prince of Wales

Richard EARLOM and Charles TURNER

Henry Prince of Wales, Eldest son of King James I

Mezzotint portrait by Earlom, Turner (and Dunkerton) published, proof before letters, in London in 1815 as part of a series entitled Fifteen Splendid Portraits of Royal Personages. This example is of exceptional quality and would have been taken very early in the life of the copper plate.


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Pether Frye George III

William Pether after Thomas Frye

His Most Sacred Majesty George III King of Great Britain &c.

A black and white mezzotint engraving by William Pether after the portrait by Thomas Frye, published in London in 1762.

Green Queen Anne

Valentine GREEN after J. Gerhard Huck

The Articles of The Union Presented by The Commissioners to Queen Anne. Ad 1706

An historically important mezzotint engraving by Valentine Green after the painting by Gerhard Huck, published in London circa 1780.

Downey George Mary

W. and D. Downey (attributed).

[King George V and Queen Mary - Coronation Photograph.]

A studio photograph of the newly crowned monarch, King George V and his consort, Queen Mary in their full coronation regalia; taken at Buckingham Palace upon their return from Westminster Abbey.


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