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Laurie and Whittle: Whitehall

Laurie and Whittle

The Banqueting-House, Whitehall

17 x 11.5 inches

A hand coloured copper plate engraving published in London by James Whittle and Robert Laurie in London in 1815.

The Banqueting House in Whitehall was designed by Inigo Jones and completed in 1622; the first purely Renaissance building in London. It was much admired upon completion and Horace Walpole was typical in his response: "It is so complete in itself that it stands as the model of the most pure and beautiful taste". The ceilings were commissioned by Charles I and painted by Rubens celebrating the benefits of wisdom in high office. The Banqueting House was used for a variety of ceremonial events for both state and royalty including the reception of ambassadors from overseas. It was on the 30th January 1649 that Charles I declared himself the "Martyr of the People" and left the Banqueting House for the last time as he made his way to the scaffold and eventual execution.


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