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Pollard: Hanover Square

Robert POLLARD and Francis JUKES after Edward Dayes


29 x 25 inches

A charming aquatint in original colour by Pollard and Jukes after the drawings of Edward Dayes; published in London in 1787.

This magnificent view is taken from the north of Hanover Square looking south towards St. George's Church in George Street. The square was conceived early during the reign of George I, Elector of Hanover, hence the name, Hanover Square. It was the first of the three great Mayfair squares and, due to its location and the building boom of the 1720's, was an immediate success. The original houses (of which only half a dozen have survived) were intended for "persons of distinction". Eventually the beau monde inevitably moved on to newer and more fashionable areas and Hanover Square became the home to a variety of learned societies and clubs, most notably the Oriental Club at number 18.


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