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Robert Sayer

London Topographical Views

A perspective view of the Royal Stables at Charing Cross
A view of The Foundling Hospital
A view of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea & the Rotunda in Ranalagh Gardens
Lambeth, the Archbishop of Canterbury's Palace
A view of the Hospital of Bethlehem

14.5 x 10.5 inches

A series of small scale etchings in original hand colour; published by Robert Sayer in London circa 1770.

Robert Sayer (1725-94) was one of the more successful and prolific of the many publishers and sellers of prints and maps working in London during the latter half of the C18th. He moved to Fleet Street in 1760 so we can date these charming prints to around 1770. The demand for topographical images during this period was huge and there was a great deal of plagiarism despite the Copyright Act brought about by William Hogarth in 1735. Print sellers like Sayer would stockpile copperplates, copy images collected overseas and buy stock from dealers going out of business. It was a lucrative and cutthroat trade!

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