Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Stadler Shepherd Horse Guards

Joseph Constantine Stadler after Thomas Shepherd

A View of the Horse Guards from Whitehall

25 x 21 inches

An aquatint in full original colour; engraved by Stadler after Shepherd and published in London in 1816.

A delightful scene of London's bustling Whitehall during the Regency. The scene is taken from opposite The Horse Guards and shows the imposing classical facade with entrance archways, sentry boxes and adjacent buildings. The Deptford to London coach carries passengers along the road and the scene is further enlivened with soldiers, street vendors and the Bon Ton.

The Horse Guards first appeared in 1649 but the version shown in this print was built in the 1750s to the Palladian design of William Kent. Originally only members of the royal family were permitted to drive through the central archway. Stadler's meticulously executed aquatints provide us with an invaluable depiction of London at the beginning of the C19th before the Victorians altered the fabric and appearance of the city.


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