Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Dutton Lynn Cowes Yachting

Thomas Dutton after John Lynn

The RYS Cutter Heroine 35 tons, heading the Alarm 193 tons , and Corsair 84 tons.
While beating to the westward, off Cowes in a Match for the Ladies' Cup 19th August 1845, Blowing hard with a Heavy Sea. To Sir John Rivett Carnac Bart. This print is with permission respectfully dedicated by his obedient servant John Lynn

18 x 15 inches

A hand coloured lithograph by Thomas Galsworthy Dutton after the painting by Lynn; published in London in 1846.

Thomas Goldsworthy Dutton was born in 1819 and lived until 1891. During his lifetime he became one of the most successful and talented marine artists and lithographers of his generation. His work captures the essence of maritime life in nineteenth century England, whether it is through his portrayal of the mighty tea clippers returning from the colonies or through his graceful depiction of the cutter yachts in full sail.


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