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Dutton Kestrel Yacht

Thomas Dutton after T. S. Robins

The Kestrel R.Y.S.
The property of the late Earl of Yarborough

35 x 28 inches

A large scale lithograph in original hand tinting; drawn on stone by Thomas Dutton after the painting by Thomas Sewell Robins and published in London by Messers Fores in 1847.

This beautiful image shows just how popular recreational sailing had become by the middle of the C19th. Spurred on by technological advances, newfound wealth and safer waters around the British coast, a sailing yacht became the must have accessory for the aristocratic and aspirational classes during Queen Victoria's reign. In addition to Yarborough's stunning Kestrel, we also get to see three other equally fine yachts: Flirt, Camilla and Pearl. With regattas and races all the rage and the first America's Cup about to happen in 1851 there was huge enthusiasm for the sport. Crowds would marvel at the speed and alacrity of new vessels whilst old sea dogs would harp back to very different days in their youth when the seas around the British coast were the scenes of warfare nor entertainment.


 Dutton Kestrel Yacht

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