Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Hellyer Camperdown

Thomas Hellyer after Thomas Whitcombe

The Battle off CAMPERDOWN fought on the 11th October 1797. This plate is respectfully dedicated to LORD VISCOUNT DUNCAN, the OFFICERS and SEAMEN who so gloriously fought under the command of JOHN BRYDON.

28 x 19 inches

Thomas Hellyer was a stipple and aquatint engraver who excelled at decorative and marine subjects after his contemporaries. This magnificent print commemorates the British victory at Camperdown in 1799 and is based on a painting by Thomas Whitcombe that hangs at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The battle was the most significant engagement between the British and Dutch fleets that took place during the French Revolutionary Wars. It represented a resounding victory for the British under Admiral Duncan with eleven Dutch ships captured and no British losses. The ships are all delineated underneath the image and include the following vessels: Haerlem, Powerful, Director, Vryhied (under the Dutch Admiral De Winter), Triumph, Venerable (under Admiral Duncan), Hercules, Alkmaar, Jupiter, Monarch and Ardent.


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