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Walker Brierly Fatshan Creek

Edward Walker after O. W. Brierly

Fatshan Creek
The Raleigh's gig sinking, and crew disabled, Commander Keppel, shaking his fist at the enemy exclaims, "You Rascals, I'll pay you for this" To Rear Admiral Sir Michael Seymour K. C. B. &&& This print representing part of the attack by the Boats of the Fleet under the command under the reserve of the Enemy's Junks in Fatshan Creek on the 1st June 1857, is respectfully dedicated by The Publishers

33 x 23.5 inches

A hand coloured lithograph by Walker after Oswald Brierly; published in London in 1857.

This tremendously evocative and historic scene depicts the British forces in the foreground fighting the Chinese at Fatshan Creek; one of the decisive battles between the British and Chinese fleets that formed part of the Opium War or Second Anglo Chinese War of the 1850s. The British navy was under the command of Henry Keppel who can be seen shaking his fist at the enemy in retaliation for them sinking one of his rowing boats. He calls the Chinese "Rascals" and swears he will get his revenge. In this instance he was right as he went on to sink the Chinese fleet and capture the trading port of Canton.


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