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Milo of Croton

Pietro Bettelini & Giuseppe Fabris after Tommaso Minardi

Milone Crotoniate (Milo of Croton)

22 x 26 inches

An etching by Bettelini [&] Fabris after Minardi, published in Rome in 1824.

What we witness here are possibly the final few moments of Milo of Croton's earthly life. Milo of Croton was an epic Greek hero, a famous athlete, showman and all round celebrity. Both mortal man and myth, he is mentioned by the likes of Herodotus and Aristotle and his reputation would have been known throughout the ancient world. He dates from the late sixth century BC and appears to have been a six times Olympic victor starting with the "boys' wrestling" at a tender age and working his way up from there. In this scene, as legend would have it, Milo has offered to rip a tree trunk to pieces using his bare hands. Unfortunately, his fingers get wedged and, unable to move, he is attacked by a wolf, or in this case a very ferocious lion! As the lion sinks its teeth into Milo's athletic thigh and the fig leaf remains resolutely in place over his membrum virile he cries out in agony. A rousing, albeit distressing scene, that has a lesson for us all!


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