Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Barbault Antoninus

Giovanni Cassini after Jean Barbault

Avanzi del Portico della Basilica d'Antonino oggide la Dogana di Terra.

29 x 23

A large scale, folio etching on copper by Giovanni Cassini after Jean Barbault, published in Rome in 1763.

This impressive elevation of the Basilica of Antoninus is one of many plates that appeared in a collection entitled 'The Most Beautiful Edifices of Modern Rome' after the draughtsmanship of Jean Barbault.

Barbault (1718-1762) was a French artist and engraver who travelled to Rome in the 1740s and, once there, became established as a competent artist recording the monuments of ancient and modern Rome. He is often compared favourably with Piranesi, whom he followed, and his work certainly bears a certain resemblance in style and scale. Let us not forget that the 1760s when this print was published were peak "Grand Tour" period when many an English Milord travelled to Italy in search of a classical education and sought out souvenirs of their trip other than syphilis and debauchery!


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