Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Cruikshank Woodward Doctors

Isaac Cruikshank after George Moutard Woodward.

A Consultation of Doctors on the case of Sir Toby Bumper.

16 x 12 inches

An etching in vibrant original colour, etched by Isaac Cruikshank after Woodward's drawing and published in London in 1807.

Cruikshank and Woodward are a failsafe combination when it comes to caricature and this is a terrific example of their collaborative talents. Toby Bumper lies sick in his bed whilst a group of doctors consult over his condition. Mr. Bumper's self-diagnosis prescribes a refreshing tankard of cold Madeira but he has been rumbled by the physicians who all agree that the booze is at the heart of his problem. "It is all brought on by Drinking" one of the doctors proclaims. His companions nod sagely and agree. The close proximity of the consultation to the sick bed adds to the humour.


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