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Fittler Battle St. Vincent

Fittler Battle St. Vincent

Fittler Battle St. Vincent

James Fittler after Lieut. Jahleel Brenton

The Sea Fight off Cape St. Vincent
To the R. Hon.ble John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent Admiral of the Blue & K.B. And the Admirals, Captains &c of the Fleet, This Representation of the Sea Fight off Cape St. Vincent on the 14th February 1797 is humbly dedicated by their most obedient, humble servants J & J Boydell.

27 x 20

A set of 3 etchings by Fittler after the drawings of Captain Brenton; published in London in 1798.

These wonderful, large-scale images show the action that took place on St. Valentine's Day 1797 between the British and Spanish fleets. As was usual at the time, various European nations were fighting over trade routes in the Atlantic and Mediterranean and vying to be top dog on the high seas. The importance of this particular battle from the British point of view is that the Royal Navy, under the command of Admiral John Jervis, dealt a significant blow to a much larger Spanish fleet, a victory that would eventually lead to the regaining of control in the Mediterranean.

£1900 Set of 3

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