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Laurie Whittle Prince of Wales

Laurie and Whittle

His Royal Highness, George Prince of Wales

10 x 14

A full-length mezzotint portrait, published by Laurie and Whittle in London in 1795.

This is a particularly engaging and early portrait of the infamous Prince of Wales, captured at the age of 33 before he became quite as corpulent and scandalous as he did in later life. His waist is still relatively trim, and he has just married Princess Caroline of Brunswick, a marriage that was doomed from the outset and would end in acrimony, mutual hatred and eventual separation. At this stage in the proceedings, however, we are in the first flush of matrimony and can enjoy his beautiful brocade, the magnificent plumes and his dainty buckled shoes. The setting is likely to be St. James's Palace for it is here that the fateful wedding took place on the night of April the 8th, 1795.


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