Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Samuel Compton

F. C. Lewis after Jason Green

To Samuel Compton Cox Esq. Lieutenant Colonel Commandant, The Officers and Gentlemen of the Bloomsbury and Inns of Court Association, this plate is by permission respectfully dedicated by their most obedient servant John Wallis Junior.

18 x 22

A hand coloured aquatint of Samuel Compton Cox (1757-1839), engraved by Lewis after Green and published in London in 1804.

This is an intriguing portrait because despite the military uniform and impressively long musket, the sitter appears rather effete and ill prepared for active duty. This dichotomy is explained when we learn that Compton Cox was in fact a barrister and judge with thespian leanings. The pouting lips and theatrical stance suggest drama in the courtroom rather than action in the field. Despite all this and by way of explanation, we learn that he was an active participant in the militia and commanded the volunteers of the Bloomsbury and Inns of Court Association.


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