Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Alken Pigeon Shooting

Richard Gilson Reeve after Henry Alken

Pigeon Shooting

This plate represents the members of the Red-House Club Shooting for the Gold Cup (1828)
Dedicated by permission to the Noblemen and Gentlemen of the Red House Club by their Obedient Humble Servant, Benj.n Barling.

19 x 14

An aquatint in original hand colour, engraved by Reeve after the painting by Henry Alken and published in London in 1828.

We are so familiar with shooting prints from the early C19th set in idyllic rural surroundings that it comes as quite a surprise to see the action transferred to Battersea in south London! The Red House was a public tavern on the banks of the Thames in Battersea and can be clearly seen as the backdrop to this lively sporting scene. The inn was set in five acres of land and held regular shooting matches where men would meet to show off their prowess with the gun and enjoy betting, boozing and badinage.


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