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Ward Morland Dogs
Ward Morland Dogs

William Ward after Morland and Sartorius

Setters [&] Pointers

17 x 15

A pair of mezzotint engravings by William Ward after the paintings of George Morland and John Sartorius; published in London in 1806.

These exquisite studies depict hunting dogs on the scent in the English countryside. In both prints the landscapes are as finely executed and artistically pleasing as the dogs themselves, a testament to Ward's skill as an engraver and the reason why he was appointed engraver to the Duke of York. Both Morland and Sartorius were well known for their depictions of rural life, so it is not hard to understand why this combination of talent produced such beautiful images. The concentration on the dog's faces is a delight to see and one imagines they are only moments away from finding their prey.

£1400 Pair

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