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West Battle Hogue

William Woollett after Benjamin West

Battle at La Hogue

To the Right Honourable the Lord Grosvenor, This plate, engraved from a picture of The Battle at la Hogue in his Lordship's collection is dedicated by his lordship's much obliged and most obedient humble servants, Benjamin West and William Woollett

24 x 19

A large-scale battle scene, etched and engraved on copper by William Woollett after West's painting, published in London in 1781.

This magnificent, swashbuckling scene was painted (and engraved) over 100 years after the original battle that took place at la Hogue in 1692. The action formed a decisive stage in the Nine Years War and in this print, we see the Anglo-Dutch fleet attacking the French. It led to a British victory under Admiral Edward Russell and we can assume that at this point in the fray he is engaged in hand to hand combat with his French counterpart. Benjamin West was appointed Historical Painter to His Majesty King George and was well equipped to recreate this important sea battle. Ships are ablaze, sailors are being rescued from the waves and cutlasses are clashing in a wonderfully energetic and action-packed image.


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