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Gainsborough Queen Charlotte

Gainsborough Dupont after Sir Thomas Gainsborough

Charlotte, Queen of Great Britain &c &c &c

19 x 28.5 inches

In this magnificent study the queen stands directed slightly to the right facing and looking towards the left. Her hair is worn high in ornate style with a lace cap and she wears a pearl choker around her neck. Her arms are gracefully folded at her waist and she holds a fan in her right hand. Her dress is of a rich brocade and embroidered with flowers. Her favourite pet spaniel stands dutifully at her feet. By the time this portrait was made, the German born Queen Charlotte had given birth to 15 children, reigned as queen for nearly 30 years and secured a place in the affection of her English subjects. Gainsborough Dupont was born in 1767, the maternal nephew and pupil of the famous portrait and landscape artist Sir Thomas Gainsborough. He died young at the age of 30 and consequently failed to meet his full potential. Many scholars argue that had he lived longer he would have produced a much larger portfolio of mezzotints after Gainsborough thereby challenging the reputation of Sir Joshua Reynolds as the premier painter of graceful and elegant English ladies.


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