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Burford Seymour Hunting
Burford Seymour Hunting

Thomas Burford after James Seymour

Fox Hunting
Standing Leap at a Gate [&] Leap at a Gate

13¾ x 10 inches

A pair of mezzotint engravings by Burford after the paintings by Seymour; published in London circa 1750.

These prints are remarkably early in their depiction of English fox hunting; a genre that was to become so widespread by the beginning of the C19th. Each image depicts a huntsman and hounds; one approaching the gate from a standing position and the other in full jump.

Thomas Burford's skill as a mezzotint engraver and his interest in rural pursuits made him an obvious choice for the English sporting artist James Seymour and these images are a tremendous combination of their individual talents. Seymour was born into an art dealing and artistic family and from an early age became passionate about horses and equestrian art. He spent much of his youth on race tracks and his paintings soon found their way into the collections of influential and aristocratic benefactors including the Duke of Somerset. Ultimately his love of racing proved his financial downfall as his ability to paint could no longer keep pace with his gambling habit!

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