Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Hunt Coaching

Charles Hunt

The Birth Day Team.

26.75 x 18 inches

This wonderful image is of both topographical and sporting interest. Unlike so many coaching prints of the time we are given a very specific topographical location with the imposing backdrop of Windsor Castle. The Quicksilver mail coach is rattling along pulled by four horses, "The Birth Day Team". Three gentlemen ride up top accompanied by the coachman and a bugler at the rear. Inside the carriage a well-to-do couple appear not to be talking to each other in comparison to the lively banter going on up above. The coach bears the cypher of the new queen, Victoria, and her coat of arms appears on the carriage door. One of the travellers wears a jaunty blue cap cravat and yellow gloves. He sits with his arms nonchalantly folded whilst his companion points out the majestic sight of the castle that dominates the skyline. Perhaps they are commenting on the coronation of Queen Victoria that took place in June 1838, the very year that this print was published. Also of interest is that he is smoking a cigarette, a practice that was very much in its infancy in England at the time and hardly ever appears in print. This is one of a series of prints by Charles Hunt simply entitled Coaches.


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