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Harris Herring Fox HuntingHarris Herring Fox HuntingHarris Herring Fox HuntingHarris Herring Fox Hunting

John Harris after John Francis Herring

Fox Hunting

The Meet
The Start
The Run
The Death

28 x 24 inches

Much like the eager anticipation that precedes the launch of a new i-phone in our own age, the Victorians had an insatiable appetite for sporting and marine prints. Sets of hunting prints in particular were highly sought after and this highly decorative set of four produced after Herring's energetic paintings would have caused quite a sensation in the print shops of 1850s London.

Several characteristics mark them out as being unusual. Unlike many hunting prints of the period, we have zoomed right into the action so it almost feels that we are participating in the hunt rather than observing from afar. An attractive young lady is included alongside her more traditional male counterparts, giving the images a more recreational and romantic feel. In this instance we are most fortunate to find the prints in their original and highly decorative maple veneered frames.

Set of 4
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