Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Hassell Reinagle Fishing

John Hassell & William Nicholls after Philip Reinagle.


29.5 x 23.5 inches

In this delightful scene, three smartly dressed Regency gents are surveying the impressive results of a day's fishing. A heap of freshwater trout (or somewhat similar fish) lies upon the riverbank and the discussion appears to be about who caught which fish. Fishing was a popular country pursuit during the Georgian period and the detail included in this print gives us an excellent depiction of the rods and tackle that were used.

Philip Reinagle (1749-1833) was one of the most accomplished artists of his generation. He studied under the court painter, Allan Ramsay, and although his original claim to fame was portraiture it was landscape painting that he grew to prefer in later life. This bucolic scene combines his talents at portraiture with his love of the English countryside.


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