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Hunt ShootingHunt ShootingHunt ShootingHunt Shooting

George Hunt after S. J. E. Jones

1st of September and 1st of October

Plates 1 -4

22 x 19 inches

These intricately detailed prints are as fascinating for their idyllic English landscapes as they are for the shooting scenes that they depict. In each plate we see sportsmen out in the field accompanied by their dogs but in only one image do we catch a glimpse of a bird. There are distinct dates in England when certain birds can be shot and these plates refer to the opening of the partridge season on the 1st of September and the pheasant season on the 1st of October. The trees, fields and skies are breath-taking in their detail and it would be hard to find a set of engravings that better exemplify the subtleties of tone achieved through the process of aquatint than this set of shooting prints. In addition, they are offered in their original hand carved frames and old glass.

Set of 4
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