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Hunt Pollard Fishing
Hunt Pollard Fishing

George Hunt after James Pollard

Fly Fishing. [&] Trolling for Pike.

19 x 15.5 inches

Very much designed to hang alongside each other as a complimentary pair, these charming fishing scenes have much to commend them. In the pike print the three figures face to the right and thereby mirror the three chaps in the fly-fishing scene who face to the left. Everything in the composition of these plates is in harmony and it's almost as if we are invited to share in the tranquillity of a peaceful day's fishing. Gone is the turbulent and colourful reign of George IV and we are now in the relatively calm reign of his younger brother, King William IV. Back on the riverbank, both our fishing parties have met with success as in each case a catch is imminent. The formality of their attire, complete with top hats, would both bemuse and amuse the modern angler!

Both George Hunt and his brother Charles were prolific and accomplished aquatint engravers and their talent was eagerly sought out by sporting artists such as James Pollard who could have every confidence in their ability to transfer his work from painting to print.

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