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Lerpiniere Hunting

Daniel Lerpiniere after John Wootton

A Hunting Piece
In the Hunting Hall at Houghton

24 x 19 inches

A hand coloured etching by Daniel Lerpiniere after the painting by John Wootton; published in London in 1778.

This evocative scene depicts a fashionable hunting party in the latter half of the Eighteenth Century. Three gentlemen pose for the artist on a hill overlooking the sea. The gentlemen concerned are identified as Mr. Thomas Turner, Sir Robert Walpole and Colonel Charles Churchill. Robert Walpole was born at Houghton Hall in Norfolk so it is safe to assume that this picture was painted on the estate. He went on to become the first de facto Prime Minister of Great Britain (1721-1742) so this engraving depicts an illustrious gathering.

Daniel Lerpiniere was an etcher and line engraver of primarily landscape and decorative subjects after his contemporaries. He was born in England but of French descent and worked closely with Francis Vivares and the Boydell publishing house.


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