Isaac and Ede Antique Prints
Picken Rowing Thames

Thomas Picken & George Winter after Martin.

The Pride of the River.

26 x 21 inches

What is unusual about this rowing print is that the protagonist is a lady and not the usual beefy, masculine crew that was normally portrayed. A young lady and her adorable King Charles spaniel are out for a pleasant afternoon upon the River Thames somewhere in Berkshire, one suspects. There is a flirtatious appearance to the maiden as she wears a flower behind her ear and a rosette upon her heaving bosom. Her neatly tressed hair has come unfurled as she exerts herself and she has loosened her shawl lest she sweats. In the background we can glimpse a pleasure craft and a classical folly but otherwise only the swans interrupt our heroine's reverie. We can only imagine what or whom she has seen over her right shoulder as she pulls upon the oars but the ditty below gives a coquettish feel to the piece:
She rowed so steadily
Pulled so readily.
Delighting each heart,
And catching each eye.


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