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Ridinger DressageRidinger Dressage

Johann Elias Ridinger.

[A pair of Horse Dressage]
Le pas aux murilles par la Driote. [&] Passager a la muraille a gauche.

16 x 21 inches

Johannes Ridinger (1698-1767) was born in Ulm but spent most of his working life in Augsburg. He is remembered as one of Germany's most talented and famous engravers of Animalia and, in particular, equestrian subjects. Ridinger was not only an accomplished engraver; he also excelled as a draughtsman and went on to become a successful publisher. His early years were spent studying in Ulm where he took up coursing and also attended the local riding school. It was these pastimes that enabled him to observe animals at close quarters and hone his artistic skills. He made meticulous notes and detailed drawings of the anatomy and movements of the animals and as a consequence his work is often compared to that of the great English equestrian artist, George Stubbs. When he moved to Augsburg he joined a thriving and established industry of print, map and book publishing. He founded his own publishing firm and was further able to promote his work. This pair of dressage prints show Ridinger at his absolute best. The intensity of etching is exquisite and the condition of the prints is pristine. The text is given in French, German and Latin but the horses are shown walking to both the left and the right; as such they make a perfect pair.

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